busco los titulos de todos los discos de dennis Chambers

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Invitado

    Me gustaria saber en que grupos y el nombre de los diferentes discos donde toca dennis.

    Muchas gracias.

  2. Estos son sus titulos como lider:

    1998 Getting Even
    2002 Outbreak
    2003 Front Page

    y en otras formaciones :

    1979 Gloryhallastoopid - Parliament
    1979 Uncle Jam Wants You Funkadelic
    1981 'Nard Bernard Wright
    1985 Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends George Clinton
    1986 Blue Matter John Scofield
    1987 Loud Jazz John Scofield
    1987 Pick Hits Live John Scofield
    1988 Code Violations Gary Thomas & Seventh Quadrant
    1988 Cycles Bob Berg
    1988 Searcher Kevin
    1988 Secrets Leni Stern
    1989 3 Stanley Clarke w/ George Duke
    1989 Bottom's Up Victor Bailey
    1989 By Any Means Necessary Gary Thomas
    1989 Closer to the Light Leni Stern
    1989 Did Jah Miss Me?!? Tom Coster
    1989 Jigsaw Mike Stern
    1989 Straight to My Heart: The Music of Sting Bob Belden Ensemble
    1989 Underneath It All Mitch Watkins
    1989 While the Gate Is Open Gary Thomas
    1990 Curves Mitch Watkins
    1990 Gramavision 10th Anniversary Sampler Various Artists
    1990 In the Shadows Bob Berg
    1990 Live at the Beverly Theatre in Hollywood P-Funk All Stars
    1990 Signals Wayne Krantz
    1990 Slo Sco: The Best of Ballads John Scofield
    1990 Song of the Sun Jim Beard
    1990 Toe to Toe Randy Brecker
    1991 Back Roads Bob Berg
    1991 Blue Guitar Various Artists
    1991 Funk of Ages Bernie Worrell
    1991 In a Loud Way Adam Holzman
    1991 Kold Kage Gary Thomas
    1991 Music on the Edge Chroma
    1991 Odds or Evens Mike Stern
    1991 Ten Songs Leni Stern
    1992 Denon Hi-Fi Check CD Various Artists
    1992 Enja 20th Anniversary Sampler Various Artists
    1992 Gotcha!! Tom Coster
    1992 Headline Steve Khan
    1992 Indian Summer Tom Alonso
    1992 Petite Blonde Bill Evans
    1992 Return of the Brecker Brothers The Brecker Brothers
    1992 Snapshot George Duke
    1992 That's Me Barbara Dennerlein
    1992 Virtual Reality Bob Berg
    1993 "P"Is the Funk: George Clinton's Family Series, Vol. George Clinton
    1993 Crossings Steve Khan
    1993 East River Drive Stanley Clarke
    1993 Enter the Spirit Bob Berg
    1993 Good Groove Graffiti
    1993 Good Groove Grafitti
    1993 Let's Set the Record Straight Tom Coster
    1993 Like One Leni Stern
    1993 P-Funk All Stars George Clinton
    1993 Say What You Mean Charles Blenzig
    1993 Sound the Trumpets Various Artists
    1993 Stompin' with Savoy Marc Copland Quintet
    1993 Things Left Unsaid Eric Leeds
    1993 Tokyo Live John Mclaughlin
    1993 Windows, Vol. 1 Various Artists
    1993 Windows, Vol. 2 Various Artists
    1994 Beat of a Different Drummer Various Artists
    1994 Forbidden Zone Tom Coster
    1994 Greatest Hits 1972-1993 Parliament
    1994 Is What It Is Mike Stern
    1994 Liquid Fire: The Best of John Scofield John Scofield
    1994 Scampi Fritti Marc Beacco
    1994 Sound of the Trumpets Various Artists
    1994 Tokyo Live John McLaughlin and the Free Spirits
    1994 Yes, Then Yes Nelson Rangell
    1995 Alive in America Steely Dan
    1995 Best of Parliament: Give Up the Funk Parliament
    1995 From the Street Tom Coster
    1995 Hands Dezona
    1995 In from the Storm Various Artists
    1995 My Favorite Django Bireli Lagrene
    1995 Promise John McLaughlin
    1995 Rhythm'n Jazz Alain Caron
    1995 Right on Time Carl Filipiak
    1995 Take Off! Barbara Dennerlein
    1996 Best of George Duke [Epic] George Duke
    1996 Between the Lines Mike Stern
    1996 Blues Chronicles: Tales of Life Gary Bartz
    1996 Common Ground Common Ground
    1996 Greatest Hits George Duke
    1996 Guitar Music Various Artists
    1996 Guitars That Rule the World, Vol. 2: Smell the Fuzz: Various artist
    1996 Identity Jimmy Wilson
    1996 Junkanoo Barbara Dennerlein
    1996 Jvc Xrcd Sampler Various Artists
    1996 Lifetime Lucky Peterson
    1996 Signs Gerald Veasley
    1996 Woman's World [Metalimbo] Various Artists
    1997 Art of Jazz Saxophone: Impressions Various Artists
    1997 Art of Saxophone Various Artists
    1997 Bass Talk, Vol. 5: Play Da Bass Various Artists
    1997 Bass-Ic Collection Stanley Clarke
    1997 Black Guitar Leni Stern
    1997 Blue Entrance Carl Filipiak
    1997 Heart of Things John McLaughlin
    1997 Hotel Real Carl Filipiak
    1997 Is Love Enough? George Duke
    1997 New Spirits in Jazz, Vol. 3 Various Artists
    1997 Niacin Niacin
    1997 No Sweat Gary Willis
    1997 Not Enough Space Common Ground
    1997 Paint It Blue: Songs of the Rolling Stones Various Artists
    1997 Que Pasa Gato Barbieri
    1998 Bent Gary Willis
    1998 Birth of Cool Funk Vintage Jams [Box] Various Artists
    1998 Blue Touch Gregg Karukas
    1998 Getting Even Dennis Chambers
    1998 High Bias Niacin
    1998 If Women Ruled the World Ethel Ennis
    1998 Move Lucky Peterson
    1998 Recollection Leni Stern
    1998 Snake Eyes Greg Hatza Organization
    1999 Low Blow Victor Bailey
    1999 Play Mike Stern
    1999 Priceless Jazz The Brecker Brothers
    1999 Take That Michael White Project
    1999 This Ain't No Tribute Blues Cube Various Artists
    2000 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Percussion
    2000 CAB Tony MacAlpine/Bunny Brunel/Dennis Chambers
    2000 Celebrating the Music of Weather Report Jason Miles/Various Artists
    2000 Complete Recordings 1976-81 Funkadelic
    2000 Deep Niacin
    2000 Heart of Things: Live in Paris John McLaughlin
    2000 Inner Voice Stuart Hart
    2000 Jazz Times Superband Bob Berg/Randy Brecker/Dennis Chambers
    2000 Live: Blood, Sweat and Beers Niacin
    2000 New Spirit in Jazz, Vol. 4 Various Artists
    2000 Peripheral Vision Carl Filipiak
    2000 Rescue Sanjay Mishra With Dennis Chambers
    2001 Absolute Brass Various Artists
    2001 Blue Paradise Mike Gallaher
    2001 CAB 2 Tony MacAlpine/Bunny Brunel/Dennis Chamb
    2001 Future History Jimmy Wilson
    2001 Just Add Water Bass Extremes
    2001 Telarc Sampler Various Artists
    2001 Time Crunch Niacin
    2001 Uncle Moe's Space Ranch Brett Garsed/T.J. Helmerich/Gary Willis
    2001 Voices Mike Stern
    2002 Funked Up: The Very Best of Parliament Parliament
    2002 Looking Forward Looking Back Carl Filipiak
    2002 Shaman Santana
    2002 Trance Atlantic (Boom Bop II) Jean-Paul Bourelly
    2002 Try and Act Normal Chillbone
    2003 Cab 4 Cab
    2003 Concord Records 30th Anniversary Various Artists
    2003 Extraction Greg Howe/Victor Wooten/Dennis Chambers
    2003 Front Page Dennis Chambers/Bireli Lagrene/Dominique
    2003 Shaman [Bonus Track] Santana
    2004 Clarence Greenwood Recordings Citizen Cope
    2004 Guitar & Bass Stanley Clarke
    2004 John McLaughlin Montreux Concerts [Bonus CD] John McLaughlin
    2004 These Times Mike Stern

    Salud y no atragantarse con tanto chambers ;)
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