nuevos parches EC1

  1. yo cada vez me estoy liando mas!!!

  2. Ala... ya me esta entrando un ataque de GAS de los buenos... y eso que me flipa como suena la mmx ahora, pero coño... esos tienen pinta de aportar el atisvo de brillo que les falta a los EC2....

  3. Estaria muyyyy bien que alguien los comprase e hiciese un banco de pruebas... :baile:
  4. Yo me dispongo a cambiar en breve tooooooooooooooodos los parches de mi bateria XDDDDDD ¡¡Que opcion mas buena!! Muajajaja!! Ademas, me hacen falta desde las 6" hasta las 18 XD uno de cada!! jajaja
  5. parece que son de 1 capa

    parece que me atrevere si mas brillo mas abiertos MOLA

    un saludo
  6. somos de los que tenemos a cambiar de parches la bateria entera....

  7. ¿Tu tambien? Joooder... siento decirte que vas a dejar una buena pasta, pero si todavia llevas los parches de serie, se nota un huevo el cambio.

    Un saludo!

    Pd. Edito, que he visto las fotos, y solo tienes que cambiar los de los bases, ¿no? Bueno, o si te calientas todos xDD
  8. ostia q bien pintannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. hola
    encontre algo, esta en ingles, era del foro de pearl... pero basicamente por lo que lei son G1 mas gruesos (0,004 pulgadas mas gruesos) y con un damper de metal de 0,003 pulgadas

    "I promised a review of the new set of clear Evan’s EC1 heads I bought a couple weeks ago. I spent some time trying a few different tunings and waited until I got a chance to play live with them.

    I’ve tried many different head combinations on my toms, and so far have liked single-ply heads the best. I’ve been running clear Evan’s G1’s over clear G1’s with a MinEmad strip on the batters. Here is a thread that chronicles the different heads I’ve tried:

    The EC1’s are a single-ply head made with heavier mylar - .014 inches thick instead of the .010 inch thick film found on Ambassadors and G1’s. They have a .003 inch thick metal damping ring glued on the underside of the head that is as effective as the MinEmad in killing off that little bit of annoying ring or overtone, without over-damping.

    I am still using the G1 clears as the resonant heads on all toms. I tune both top and bottom heads to the same pitch. With the G1’s on both top and bottom, they were also very close to the same tension top and bottom.

    Playability-wise, the EC1’s feel and respond very much like the G1’s and produce the nice open and sustained “tooom” sound that I like. I never was able to get this sound out of any of the 2-ply heads I tried, maybe because I am not as heavy a hitter as some.

    The thicker EC1 film produces a noticeably deeper/warmer tone than the G1 film. I was pleased by this since the toms sound significantly deeper/warmer at the same tuning. They do not cut through as well as G1’s because of the thicker mylar, but still sound much more “present” in the mix than the 2-ply heads I’ve tried.

    In other words, the EC1’s don’t project as much as the G1’s, but are closer in projection (loudness, presence) to the G1 than they are to the G2 (and much more than the EC2). Because the EC1’s are warmer and deeper in tone than the G1’s, I am willing to give up that slight loss in presence.

    I have been tuning my toms to specific notes ever since Veggy got me to buy a pitch pipe:

    I tuned my G1 clears to 10=D#, 12=A#, 14=F, 16=C as Veggy suggested and they sounded very good in the music I played to, though perhaps not as deep or low as I might have liked. Toms tuned to these notes seem to blend in to many different song keys and don’t sound discordant or out of place in the music.

    The EC1’s when tuned to these notes are noticeably deeper and warmer. In addition, I found that I had to tune them tighter (about 5 divisions as measured on a Tama Tension Watch) than the G1’s to get them to these same notes. To me this meant that perhaps I could get an even lower set of notes than the ones listed above.

    I ended up tuning the EC1’s to 10=C#, 12=G#, 14=D#, 16=A# (two half steps lower than the G1’s) while maintaining the same relative tension and playability as the G1’s. These notes also sound very good in the music I play and are what I usually hear in my head when I hum tom notes. Neil Peart’s toms sound like this to me in the fill at the end of “Limelight”.

    As I said, I tune both top and bottom heads to the same pitch. I left the G1’s on as resonant heads on all toms, and they are now lower in pitch by those two half steps. This is about as low as I can go on my kit, since a couple of the tension rods on the bottom of the 16” are about finger-tight.

    Long story short, I like them a lot and believe they will remain as my favorite heads. They don’t cut through the mix of guitars quite as well as G1’s, but are close and are much more present than G2’s or EC2’s. They are deeper and warmer sounding heads than G1’s and don’t need any additional muffling or damping. They are not over-damped. They also allow my toms to be tuned to lower pitches than with G1’s, while still retaining that nice single-ply “tooom” sound I love in drums."

    Si quieren despues les traduzco algo,cualquier cosa pregunten.
  10. A los bases le he puesto prinstipe y me van molando pero nose. Toi hecho un lio aunque tambien el local donde toco es una mierda y ya ves como esta colocada la bateria mirando a la pared rebotando asi el sonido y no hay cojones a afinarla.

    Cuando la saque a la calle sacare conclusiones!

    P.D. Mi proxima inversion son soportes pero como esta la cosa de mal no puedo gastar nada. El verano de actuaciones esta muy mal por las putas elecciones!!!

  11. Pues nada tio, poco a poco. Suerte con ello! ;)

    Un saludo!
  13. Pues animo tio. Pon unos EC1 en tu vida, y todo cambiara xDDD. Nah, en serio, no decaigas, y dejemos ya el off topic. Pa' alante ;)

    Un saludo!
  14. Se ven muy bien, esperemos a que alguien lo compre!!!