Big time entertaiment

  1. A ver si alguien me puede ayudar con esto. Nos ha contactado una empresa llamada Big entertaiment a traves de una chavala que trabaja para ellos via myspace. Dice que se trata de una empresa que busca bolos para grupos previamente seleccionados por sus myspaces, agrupandolos por estilos musicale sy organizando conciertos en salas. El caso es que nos ha preguntado si nos interesaria ir a tocar a un concierto programado para mediados de octubre en EEUU (cincinatti).
    La cosa esta en standby tras el intercambio de correos privados y la peticion por parte de ellos de condiciones.
    Primero: habeis oido hablar de este rollo de management online? eso de que "nos han seleccionado" me suena tan a a tocomocho que asusta...
    Segundo: en caso de que aceptaran nuestras condiciones (obviamente, al ser un concierto unico en el pais, que no nos cueste el dinero ir a tocar), como se podria hacer para que salieramos de españa con garantias anti-batacazo-timo-estafabrutal?? a ver si algun artista internacional del foro me puede echar un cable...
    os copio el enlace la pagina para que veais:
  2. Mucho cuiado con esta gente, me da que tu eres quien paga por tocar, (que eso no es nada nuevo), pero si encimas le añades el viaje pos la bromaa...

    mirate este link
  3. hombre, nosotros o viaje ida y vuelta antes de salir, o no movemos un dedo, pero viendo esta pagina...yo me imaginaba algo asi, no me fiaba un pelo. gracias por el enlace, Zynx :ok:
  4. Pues noticias de Cincinatti! le enviamos un correo diciendo que si quieren que toquemos alli, pues tenemoa que tener garantizados a la salida billetes de ida y vuelta y alojamiento, aparte de backline, y nos han mandado un correo con las condiciones de trabajo y un formulario a rellenar para poner las nuestras, corto y pego...
    > just using the email you gave me on myspace when you messaged me. i know you got questions, i think best approach is to scan through booking form below, & decide if we're a good fit for ya..? if we are, just fill out the booking form and send back to me!!!
    > =============================================================
    > --BigTime Entertainment--CINCINNATI Booking Form:
    > 3. So that our booking staff can listen to your music whenever we are in the process of booking you for a show, we need a URL where your music can be streamed online:
    > 3a. Briefly Describe your music and / or any influences or bands you sound like:
    > 4. It is important that you know that we are working hard for YOU. There are many costs to organizing a show that are often not considered. We want you to know exactly where your fans ticket buying dollar goes, so before moving on with the form completion, please review the BigTime Breakdown at this URL:
    > To indicate you have read the Breakdown site please type 'YES' below:
    > 4b. We want to be sure that we are the right fit for you. The last thing we want is for you to book onto a show that does not fit your needs, If you would like to be more informed about the different types of shows that are available to local artists see the following link:
    > 5. We need each act to bring in at LEAST the number of people specified below for each Venue. This minimum draw requirement varies depending on the size and prestige of the venue. This requirement is vital to ensure that ALL of the acts on the bill can count the night a success and to ensure the long term survival and success of the venues, which provide a home in the CINCINNATI Market not only for your band but also for your favorite local, regional, and national performers.
    > Acts that fail to bring their share of the crowd have not done their part to make the show a success. This is unfair to the artists who have worked hard to deliver a turnout to the show. BigTime believes that artists should SHARE fans--and not just play for everyone else's fans without contributing at all to the turnout. This can only be done if each act brings their share of the crowd.
    > **Taking this into account, can you guarantee your band will bring AT LEAST 30 people to come see you play--regardless of the night of the week or other acts on the bill?
    > SHOW SET UP:
    > The typical BigTime show consists of 5-6 local acts with 30 minute sets--(Though special accomodations can be made if needed). Also special shows--with longer sets, less bands, etc--will be available for acts who are reliable and are consistenly great to work with.
    > Band Order will be determined the night of the show, click here for more information
    > No. Artists never pay any fees to play a BigTime show, and no money ever comes out of any artist's pocket. We are proud to be able to provide our shows in this way. In essence, Artists book with us for free, Fans pay to see the show, and the acts are paid.
    > Some event production companies will ask bands to pay several hundred dollars deposit before they even show up for the show. We charge zero fees. Your band will never be asked to pay for unsold tickets, and you will never pay for our tickets. We do not allow artists to 'purchase' their own tickets, if we ever catch wind of this we will address it, and stop it.
    > PAYMENT:
    > BigTime pays every artist who plays at one of our shows. This is something that sets us apart from battle of the bands companies. BigTime events are NEVER 'Battle of the Bands.' Our shows are not competitions. We focus instead on empowering our artists and bringing together our artists so that local music can flourish in the cities where we produce our events, and putting our artists on stage in front of a good crowd.
    > Your payment will be proportional to your draw for the night. For a full description of how your payment will be calculated, refer to the footnote on the following URL:
    > (payment information will also be provided every time you book a show)
    > 5b. BigTime is here for you, and we want to accomodate our artists as much as we can! Everytime you bring out at least 30+ fans to see you play one of our shows, we'll be able to get you bonus payments and other cool perks the next show you play with us after that. Our goal is to be able to provide these special opportunities for each artist, and as you demonstrate consistent reliability, we'll be happy to do whatever we can. Please type 'YES' to indicate you are aware of this.
    > 6. Tickets in advance are $8.00 for Mad Frog, $8.00 for Blue Note. The door admission is $10.00 for Mad Frog, $10.00 for Blue Note.
    > Over the past 4 years, we have found that, without fail, acts that don’t pre-sell tickets have a MUCH lower attendance than acts that do, mainly because without pre-sold tickets most people that promise to attend fail to actually show up. The acts that consistently draw well on our shows are the acts that sell tickets to their fans in advance. These are the artists that BigTime consistently works with, and these are the acts that our Booking Directors frequently give bonus pay, longer sets, and other perks.
    > On the other hand, the acts that have drawn the least amount of people have relied heavily on their door draw and because of that they drew poorly. This is to say that consistently, our lowest drawing acts are the ones that choose to not sell tickets and instead just 'hope' that their fans pay at the door night of show. Obviously, we are not able to work with these acts anymore, and the clubs we work with also choose to avoid re-booking those acts.
    > Our studies show that fans who pre-purchase a ticket are SEVEN times more likely to come to the event. The reason for this is because they have financially committed to the show and they become invested in your performance. If you have ever told a friend about a show to have them assure you that they will be there, then they end up not showing up to the show, you understand why selling the ticket to them is important! That face-to-face interaction also allows you connect with your fans. for more info on why we have our acts sell tickets, you can check out--
    > **Taking all of this into account, is your band willing to pre-sell tickets for a BigTime show to your friends and fans?
    > The BigTime Artist Resources are free for all artists, and are available to help you in your promotion efforts. These strategies, and the mindset taught within them, will help build your fan base quicker than by any other means. We strongly encourage you to study this site and discuss the content with the members of your group.
    > There is nothing more tragic than an artist that sits around waiting for their 'lucky break.' Choose goals that are valuable to you, LEARN what it will take to achieve them, and then put in the work. THAT is how consistently successful artists make thier own luck!
    > ----->
    > Please take a moment to view this site, and know that we are working very hard to provide local musicians with the tools to succeed in this very difficult and unforgiving industry. (please type 'COOL' to indicate that you have checked it out.
    > 8. To give us an honest idea of how many people you know your band can for sure draw (whether it is higher or lower than the draw requirements listed for each venue in question #3), What is your act's average draw in the CINCINNATI market for an ALL AGES show?
    > 8b. What is your act's average draw in the CINCINNATI market for a 21+ show?
    > 9. What city is your band based out of? (Cincinnati, Fairfield, Hamilton, etc.)
    > 9b. How many minutes does it take your band to drive into CINCINNATI?
    > What about during rush hour?
    > 10. Based on the age demographic of your Fans, would you consider your band primarily a 'BAR BAND,' an 'ALL AGES' Band, or equally 'BOTH?
    > 10b. How did you hear about BigTime Entertainment?
    > 11. Do you know any bands in the CINCINNATI market that are interested in playing more often OR do you know any bands in the area that want to play a show with your group? If so, please list their name and E-mail address below and we would be happy to contact them with a Booking Form. You can also have those bands E-mail us a Booking Form Request.
    > This is the easiest way to get onto shows with artists you like playing with. If they fill out a Booking Form, we have no problem getting them on a show with you!
    > -
    > -
  5. Hammer, te iba a dar un link a un traductor online, pero probando con partes del texto, más parece un traductor hoygan que otra cosa. A ver si un alma caritativa te puede echar una mano :ok:

  6. No, si entender lo entiendo, pero lo pongo por si alguien ha recibido uno de estos que no se han negado en redondo a pagarnos el viaje, y es lo que no nos cuadra, ya que ellos lo que hacen es de intermediarios, no de promotores...asi que me extaña que nos vayan a pagar los varios miles de euros que valdrian los pasajes.