700 MB de Drumless !!!

  1. Aqui teneis el listado de mas de 200 !! temas de todos los estilos y grupos en Drumless para practicar........

    ACDC - T.N.T.mp3 Alien_Ant_Farm_-_Smooth_Criminal.mp3 All My Life - Foo Fighters.mp3 Am I Evil - Metallica.mp3 Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet.mp3 Avril_Lavigne_complicated_no_drums.mp3 Avril_Lavigne_sk8ter_boy-drumless.mp3 Bad Reputation - Joan Jett.mp3 Blackout - Linkin Park.mp3 Blink 182 - What's My Age Again.mp3 Blink-182_-_Aliens_Exist.mp3 Blink-182_-_Down.mp3 Blink-182_-_First_Date.mp3 Blink-182_-_I_Miss_You.mp3 Blink-182_-_The_Rock_Show.mp3 Blink182_-_Adam's_Song.mp3 Blink_-_182_-_Dammit.mp3 Blink_182_-_Anthem_part_2_-_drumless.mp3 Blink_182_-_Feeling_This.mp3 Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones.mp3 Blur_-_Song_2.mp3 Bob_Dylan_-_Knockin'_on_Heaven's_Door.mp3 Bob_Marley_-_Is_this_love_-_drumless.mp3 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day.mp3 Brand_New_-_Sowing_Season.mp3 Bruce_Hornsby_-The_Way_It_Is_-_drumless.mp3 Buckcherry - Highway Star.mp3 Burning In The Skies - Linkin Park.mp3 Children Of Bodom - If You Want Peace Prepare For Chop Suey! - System of a Down.mp3 Coldplay - Shiver.mp3 Coldplay_-_In_My_Place.mp3 Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot.mp3 Dance_ Dance - Fall Out Boy.mp3 David_Bowie_-_Suffragette_City.mp3 Days without - All That Remains.mp3 Dido_-_Thank_You_-_drumless.mp3 Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects.mp3 Dr. Feelgood - Mtley Crue.mp3 Drowning Pool - Bodies.mp3 drumless - audioslave - cochise.mp3 drumless - Black Sabbath - War Pigs.mp3 drumless - Bon Jovi - Dead or alive.mp3 drumless - Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water.mp3 drumless - Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly.MP3 drumless - Jimi Hendrix - all along the watchtowerdrumless - Jimi Hendrix - foxey lady.mp3 drumless - kiss - detroit rock city.mp3 drumless - Metallica - Enter Sandman.MP3 drumless - Nirvana - in bloom.mp3 drumless - Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit.mp3 drumless - Phil Collins - Easy Lover.mp3 drumless - QOTSA - go with the flow.mp3 drumless - RHCP - dani california.mp3 drumless - smashing pumpkings - cherub rock.mp3 drumless - soundgarden - black hole sun.mp3 drumless - stevie wonder - superstition.mp3 drumless - Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate love sdrumless - the police - cant stand losing you.mp3 drumless - the police - message in a bottle.mp3 drumless - the police - Roxanne.mp3 drumless - the ramones - blitzkrieg bop.mp3 drumless - YES - Owner of a lonely heart.mp3 Earth_Wind_and_Fire_-_Let_s_Groove_Tonight.mp3 Earth_Wind_and_Fire_-_September.mp3 Eric_Clapton_-_Layla.mp3 Evanescence_-_Bring_Me_to_Life.mp3 Evergreen Terrace - Sending Signals.mp3 Extraordinary Girl - Green Day.mp3 Faith_No_More_-_Easy.mp3 Falling Away from Me - Korn.mp3 Franz_Ferdinand_-_Take_Me_Out.mp3 genesis__jesus_he_knows_me__drumless_www.przeklej.Gorillaz_-_Feel_Good_Inc.mp3 Hit_the_Road,_Jack_-_Ray_Charles.mp3 Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - Megadeth.mp3 Hoobastank_-_The_Reason_-_drumless.mp3 Incubus Dig (Instrumental).mp3 Incubus - Love Hurts.mp3 Jamiroquai_-_Deeper_Underground_-_drumless.MP3 Jamiroquai_-_Virtual_Insanity.mp3 Jethro_Tull_-_Aqualung.mp3 Joker & the Thief - Wolfmother.mp3 Journey_-_Don't_Stop_Believin_-_drumless.mp3 Judas Priest - Heading out to the Highway.mp3 Kansas-point_of_no_return.mp3 Keane_-_Somewhere_Only_We_Know_-_drumless.mp3 Killswitch_Engage_-_My_Curse_-_drumless.mp3 Killswith Engage - The End Of Heartache .mp3 Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford.mp3 Kiss_-_Lick_It_Up.mp3 Kiss_-_Rock_and_Roll_All_Nite.mp3 Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas.mp3 Last Night on Earth - Green Day.mp3 Lily_Allen_-_Smile_-_drumless.mp3 Linkin Park - Given Up.mp3 Linkin Park - One Step Closer.mp3 Linkin Park - What I_ve Done.mp3 Low(Travis Barker Remix) - Flo Rida featuring T-PaMagic Man - Heart.mp3 Maroon_5_-_This_Love.mp3 Michael_Jackson_-_Beat_It.mp3 Michael_Jackson_-_Billie_Jean_-_drumless.mp3 Michael_Jackson_-_Don't_Stop_Till_You_Get_Enough_-Muse_-_Bliss_(Without_Drums).mp3 Muse_-_Hysteria.mp3 Muse_-_Sunburn_(Without_Drums).mp3 Muse_-_Time_Is_Running_Out_(Without_Drums).mp3 Nirvana_-_Heart-Shaped_Box.mp3 Nirvana_-_Lithium.mp3 Nirvana_-_Smells_Like_Teen_Spirit.mp3 No One Like You - Scorpions.mp3 No_Doubt_-_Don_t_Speak.mp3 No_Doubt_-_Ex-Girlfriend.mp3 No_Doubt_-_Underneath_It_All.mp3 Oasis_-_Live_Forever.mp3 oasis__wonderwall__drumless_www.przeklej.pl.mp3 Ok Go - Here It Goes Again.mp3 OK_Go_-_A_Million_Ways.mp3 Our Truth - Lacuna Coil.mp3 Pain - Three Days Grace.mp3 Papa Roach - Last Resort.mp3 Paralyzer - Finger Eleven.mp3 Placebo - The Bitter End.mp3 Pull Me Under - Dream Theater.mp3 Pulling Teeth - Green Day.mp3 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3 Queen_-_Another_one_bites_the_dust_-_drumless.mp3 Queen_-_We_Are_The_Champions_-_drumless.mp3 queens_of_the_stone_age__no_one_knows_www.przeklejqueens_of_the_stone_age_little_sister_www.przeklejRage Against the Machine - Testify.mp3 Rage_Against_the_Machine_-_Guerrilla_Radio.mp3 Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters.mp3 Red_Hot_Chili_Peppers_-_Can't_Stop_-_drumless.mp3 Red_Hot_Chili_Peppers_-_Give_It_Away.mp3 Red_Hot_Chili_Peppers_-_Snow.mp3 Restless Heart Syndrome - Green Day.mp3 Robbie_Williams_-_Feel.mp3 Robert_Miles_-_Children_-_drumless.mp3 Round and Round - Ratt.mp3 Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden.mp3 Somebody Told Me - The Killers.mp3 son_superstition_ohne_drums.mp3 Spoonman - Soundgarden.mp3 Steve Miller Band - The Joker.mp3 Steve Ouimette - The Star-Spangled Banner .mp3 Stevie_Wonder_-_Isn't_She_Lovely.mp3 Still of the Night - Whitesnake.mp3 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen.mp3 Sublime_-_Santeria.mp3 Sublime_-_What_I_Got.mp3 System of a Down - B.Y.O.B..mp3 The Catalyst - Linkin Park.mp3 The Police - Every Breath You Take.mp3 The Spirit of Radio - Rush.mp3 The_Clash_-_Should_I_Stay_or_Should_I_Go.mp3 The_Offspring_-_Come_Out_and_Play.mp3 The_Offspring_-_Pretty_Fly__For_A_White_Guy_.mp3 The_Police_-_Walking_on_the_Moon_-_drumless.mp3 Theme_-_Ghostbusters.mp3 Toto - Hold The Line.mp3 Toto_-_Africa_with_bongos_-_drumless.mp3 U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday.mp3 U2_New Years Day (Drumless).mp3 Undone - All that remains.mp3 van_halen_-_jump_-_drumless.mp3 Viva La Gloria (Little Girl) - Green Day.mp3 Waiting For The End - Linkin Park.mp3 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day.mp3 Walk - Pantera.mp3 Warning - Green Day.mp3 We are not anonymous - unearth.mp3 We_re Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister.mp3 Whatsername - Green Day.mp3 White Room - Cream.mp3 Won_t Get Fooled Again - The Who.mp3 Wretches and Kings - Linkin Park.mp3 Y.M.C.A. - Village People.mp3 Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row.mp3 ZZ Top - Gimme All You Lovin.mp3

    Y aqui los teneis gratis !!!!! y de libre bajada !!!!! Son casi 700 mb de temas !!!


    Y a estudiar...y no bloquear el servidor :baile:

  2. Muchas zenkius. Por cierto he visto que hay una de village People. Hay que tocar encima de la cancion, nunca debajo de ella , ¡ por lo que pueda pasar !
  3. ezzzztupendo!!!!
  4. ¡Mu rico! A por ellos...
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  10. Un aporte cojonudo, muchas gracias.:ok:
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    Chemaco Moderador Miembro del Equipo

    Hola Racataplan

    Lamentandolo mucho no podemos dejar los links que has puesto, y mas tal y como esta el tema con la nueva normativa al respecto.

    De todos modos vamos a dejar el tema abierto, con lo que suponemos que si alguien tiene interes .......

    Un saludo y gracias por tu comprension