1ª critica a mi grupo.


The Undead Family is the side project from Raúl Weaver, the lead man from Spanish Melodic Death Metal band Mistweaver, one of the best bands within this genre out there.
Formed in 2002, I present you the band's latest self-release entitled "Party in Hell".
Talking with Raúl himself, I found out that he made this project to get out a little from Mistweaver's style, and he has the company of Raul Vidueiros (guitars), Mario Peña (drums), Diego Diez (bass) and finally Joaquín (keyboards) as a guest member for that matter.

It's not easy to describe The Undead Family's music style, but one thing's for certain, it is very different from Mistweaver (but that was the main idea, wasn't it?).
Some may call it Stoner Rock, others Heavy Metal, but in my opinion this is melodic Rock with some Stoner/Heavy influences. It's impossible for me to label this band either as a Stoner Rock or Heavy Metal band, so I'll just stick with my own definition.
Searching within myself for the best words to describe the music I'm hearing, I always reach the same conclusion. The high amount of well delivered guitar riffs, bass and drums rhytmn and the finishing keyboard touch are, all together, able to create some very catchy parts that will remain in your ears even when you are not listening to them.
The vocals are clean and very understandable, and connect very well with the sound of the instruments.
As for the best song, I'm going to mention three, although "My Fairy" is without a doubt my favourite track here. The other two are "Party in Hell" and "...just think!!!".

The Undead Family are far from the same quality of a few other Stoner Rock or Heavy Metal bands out there, but it's like I said, their music style does not fit into any of those criterias 100%, and I honestly don't think they are trying to achieve any of those bands.
Their main purpose was probably just to make some music different from all the other stuff, and since things are going well, they are now looking for that so hard to get record deal.
One thing's for sure, they do show some potential here in "Party in Hell", so they might get lucky one of these days.

puf......yo de ingles ni papa, si alguien tiene tiempo y ganas ke sepa traducir, ya sabeis...jaja. un saludo!
Bueno, por fin he podido escuchar los temas de UNDEAD FAMILIY!!!
Felicidades, Drum!

La verdad es que en cuanto he llegado a la web y he visto la estética, tan heavy y dura me he asustao un poco (maldito foro de batacas...si es que sois unos jeviatas, conio!!!), pero la música me ha parecido un buen rollo hard-rock moderno pero con su punto retro y todo (el teclista ha mamado mucho Hammond a lo Deep Purple, no?).

La lástima es que quizá el instrumento que menos se oye es la batería, tío, pero apuntas muy buenas maneras, un estio muy visceral, ya sabes, de usar el crash para hacer ritmo a negras y breaks breves pero contundentes.

Pero vamos, que mi felicitación y que p'alante, tío!!!
Un saludo para el resto de tu banda y un abrazo fuerte para ti!
gracias jordiasb !! :lol:
la bataca si se oye poco , hemos querido dar leña a las guitarras jejejeje
pronto colgaremos un tema o dos masterizados y enteros , q por fin nos ha llegado de alemania el master.
un saludo. ;)


joer joer si que apuntais alto¡¡
no es más fasil que te lo masterizen cerca de casA??
jejejeje.. auxx